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खाने की गुणवत्ता / Food Quality

Please find the following circulars of FSSAI which are updated in HCI- 

1. QA12012/1/2021-RARD-FSSAI. 

  • Validity of FSSAI recognized Food testing Laboratories.
  • Food, Water and other microbiological tests are being conducted by AGSS Labs, which is NABL approved and one of the validated FSSAI labs.


2. F.No-1-94/FSSAI/SP/2017.

  • Food Safety (Advertising and claims) Second amendments regulations.
  • All the Labels and Tags has been revised and no such terms are used in food displays.


3. RCD-12005/1/2021-Regulatory-FSSAI.

  • Enforcement regarding compliance with non-carbonated water-based beverage (Non-alcoholic).
  • HCI procures only the well-known brand of carbonated beverage, as per the said FSSAI standards and has updated the requirements in PO and other specified documents.



4. RCD-02001//112/2021-Regulatory-FSSAI. 

  • Misleading products in the markets in the name of Ghee/Butter.
  • All the procurement and inventory products have been cross checked for such reference and found none. HCI only uses well-known brands and also carry out timely based lab tests in order to verify its credibility.

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