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Role & Function

  • Collecting Intelligence about corrupt practices committed or likely to be committed by employees.
  • Handling of complaints received from all sources and scrutinize them as per SOP.
  • Investigation of complaints with substantial information of corruption having Vigilance Angle with the approval of DP.
  • To investigate complaints received under Whistle Blower Mechanism.
  • To undertake studies of Systems/Processes and identify the procedures/practices which provide scope for corruption & that require modification.
  • To organize and conduct Inspection of Major Works.
  • To organize and conduct Surprise Checks/Station Inspection.
  • To monitor Disciplinary Cases initiated on Vigilance Report.
  • Handling of Advice to the Disciplinary Authority/ Appellate Authority in Vigilance Cases.
  • Handling preparation of QPRs to Chairman.
  • Handling Correspondence from MoCA, CVC, CBI, Police, Customs, Immigration cases on Vigilance Issues.
  • Handling of Review of Vigilance Matter by Board /Chairman/HODs.
  • Handling of Vigilance Clearances to employees for Promotion/Superannuation/VRS etc.
  • To organize Training Module on Preventive Vigilance in various Refreshers/Training Programs for Crew/IBOs & others etc.,

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